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You'll love it for its moist texture and not-too-sweet aftertaste, not to mention its luxurious, thick-cut size! It's hard to believe such a large slice of rich pound cake is sold at such a low price. This is a limited-time product, so make your way over to your nearest FamilyMart as soon as possible if you want a bite of it! This luxurious treat combines anko sweet red bean paste , mochi, and matcha from the famous matcha-producing area of Nishio in Aichi Prefecture.

This matcha sweet has less bitterness than most, so it is recommended especially to those trying out matcha for the first time. You'll love the perfect sweetness and chewy texture of this Matcha Daifuku, not to mention its easy-to-eat size! Each bite is individually wrapped, making it the perfect snack to share with some friends. If you're a matcha fan, you probably want to try them all! They are all reasonably priced, and make the perfect choice for a souvenir or gift. Try them out during your trip to Japan! From Classics to Hidden Gems! From the Standards to Hidden Gems!

Can't find it in a guidebook? Looking through this app will definitely make you want to go to Japan. Sightseeing information to make you say "Wow! Get Coupons with the Official App! Index 1. Matcha Marshmallow Chocolate 7-Eleven 2. Seven Cafe Matcha Cookie 7-Eleven 3. Matcha Daifuku Lawson See all.

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Matcha Marshmallow Chocolate 7-Eleven. Related Articles Authentic and Affordable!

Seven Cafe Matcha Cookie 7-Eleven. Next page: 4. Matcha Daifuku Lawson. Continue reading. Recommended Article Latest Articles. Recommended articles for you.

Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan

New arrival. This one was handmade in Tsubame, Japan, a city with more years of metalworking history. Yoshikawa stainless steel kitchenware is lightweight and versatile. Use this saucepan for an authentic Japanese cusine experience! Yukihira Saucepan — Check Price Here. Make your own wasabi paste with this handy compact ceramic wasabi grater, an animal friendly and dishwasher-safe alternative to traditional sharkskin wasabi graters.

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It is similar to the abrasive, sandpaper-like quality of traditional graters yet durable enough to withstand daily use and washing. Equally suitable for garlic, ginger, and tumeric. Wasabi Grater — Check Price Here. Hiragana script is on the left of each sushi accompanied by the English translation and corresponding phonic reading.

Long, warm, summer days means one thing; plenty of time to picnic in the park. For those looking to experience a little bit of Japan, no matter where you are in the world, consider picking up a Japanese Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set. Perfect for either picnicking or even making your office lunch a little special, this compact set comes with a tidy plum-flower designed bag for easy storage.

Beggars Banquet SACD Japanese Edition

A must-have holy grail item among enthusiasts of Asian beauty products , this is a milky, non-astringent and ethanol-free toner with just a hint of a sake scent. It nourishes dehydrated skin and heals acne-prone skin, while brightening the tone. Use as part of your skincare routine, or apply to your whole body. The ultra-thin glass is hand-blown, making each individual piece ever so slightly unique.

Sake Glass — Check Price Here. Relive the beauty of spring in Japan year round with pickled cherry blossoms harvested and processed in Japan. Plum vinegar enhances the beautiful pink color of cherry blossoms, a preservation technique used for centuries. While pickled cherry blossoms are typically used to make sakura tea , they are perfect for adding a touch of Japan to desserts, jellies, confectiarts, and drinks. Feel free to experiment outside the kitchen by creating sakura bath bombs and cosmetics.

With easily-stored futons layed out on the floor, Japan has mastered the art of simplistic sleeping. Simply add water, and it heats up instead and quietly. Once the melody plays, your water is ready at the press of a button.

Choose from 4 keep-warm temperature settings to adjust the temperature, while the easy-to-read glass panel lets you know when it's time to refill. Water Boiler — Check Price Here.

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Suitable for everyday, casual use, these durable tea cups fit snugly in your hands and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Relax over a hot cup of green tea and take in the rugged design and the simple, clean, and natural colors of mino-yaki pottery, a style more than 1, years old. Yearning for Japan? Handmade in Japan, this lightweight tatami mat folds for easy storage and can be paired underneath a Japanese futon or used as an accent rug in any room.

Tatami Mattress — Check Price Here. DHC is a brand synonymous with skincare, makeup, and health supplements in Japan. The slim pink tube easily fits into a purse or makeup bag and nicely compliments any collection of beauty products. The refreshing minty grapefruit scent will rouse you from your sleep as the 3-in-1 formula takes care of cleansing, toning, and priming your skin in one easy step.

Unlike the other items on this list, this was not actually made in Japan. However, as one of the most popular Japanese products we wanted to include it anyway. Often worn during traditional summer events, the yukata is a great Japanese addition to any summer wardrobe , and perfect for special cultural events. Made in Kyoto, this clutch is for those who are inspired by the intricacy of kimono textiles and the art of Japanese craftsmanship.

I Love to Help : Japanese Edition

The fabric is produced in Nishijin, the prized traditional weaving center of Japan. Often fixed high on a wall, these Shinto altars house amulets and are accompanied by miniature objects used in Shinto ceremonies, which are included with this kamidana. This start up matcha kit contains everything you need to try making your own delicious matcha tea right now, including the bamboo whisk and scoop, the ceramic bowl and of course the tea itself.

Lacquer is the quintessential Japanese craft product: calm, subtle, but in everyway perfect. The smooth blemish-free surface feels almost soft to the touch. This gracious lacquer box from Kotobuki is formed in the shape of a cherry blossom , with cherry petals drifting across the lid. An ideal reminder of a spring spent in Japan. Often used for wrapping gifts, bottles, or mopping up sweat during a long humid day, these classically Japanese towels have unlimited uses. Komon Tenugui — Check Price Here. These porcelain, made-in-Japan rice bowls feature five distinct patterns that are sure to charm you with each use.

Perfect for gifting or displaying in the home, this set of five rice bowls comes in a functional storage box. With its sleek, but cute fish-like shape the cutlery is both tasteful and fun. The stainless steel material is light in the hard while being very durable making it the perfect set for those who like to entertain regularly. Dry, chapped hands can be extremely painful.